A recovering addict, Vincent "Scratch" Scaccianoce, does everything in his power to clean up his life and overcome his anxiety, until he encounters a patch of Mold that latches to his skin and infiltrates his psyche, launching him down a hallucinogenic rabbit-hole that traps him inside the new and horrifying addiction colonizing our world.

The Close and Holy Darkness

Suffering from terminal cancer, former “Vor” Hitman, Demitri "Muroz" Murozov faces his final months of life isolated and hidden in a retirement community in Northern Vermont, until a drug-deal-gone-wrong in the community’s backyard dismantles his peaceful existence and threatens the cover of him and his family.


After a terrifying raid on her Village (964 AD), a young Norweigan woman must trek to a remote island to rescue her Viking father from the clutches of an unspeakable evil seen by none but worshiped, revered, and feared by all.


Liberty, a socially awkward 16 year old, returns from two months at camp to a blindsided introduction of her Mother’s fiancée, John Smith, whose charm, intelligence, and beauty paint a picture of a man too perfect to be true.


For the first bachelor party amongst them, five college friends reunite to go big game hunting in Yukon Territory, but when their guide mysteriously abandons them, the party of amateur hunters recklessly treks deeper into the dense wilderness and soon becomes the hunted: by an ancient menace of the ferocious North known as THE AMAROQ.



Soon to be father, Tommy Jones, has six months left to live.  He works tirelessly to set up a new life inside a new home for his family, while his loving wife, Sammy, presses Tommy to record video blogs to their unborn son; in case they never get the chance to meet. As Tommy records, he slowly unravels a mystery surrounding the colonial home and discovers that something horrible lurks behind the walls and hides within the shadows of their old house. Something that was there long before they came and will stay, long after they go....


2014 Tracking Board Feature Script Competition

Without You

Danny Taylor has one week to live but, despite their Doctor's best advice, his wife, Holly, believes she can save him and ensure their unborn child a father. So, Holly drags her mother Jacqi on a cross-country trek to fight for her husband's survival. In the end, however, she must turn around and face the truth of her future and the end of her past.



A dive into the horrifying reality of capital punishment, LYNCH tells the story of Elijah Lynch who, seconds before his execution, escapes the Texas State death chamber during a prison riot. On the outside, a manhunt ensues as Eli fights to survive and reunite with his family before crossing the Mexican border to freedom. Ultimately, Eli’s chance encounters with new friends and dire conversations with estranged family, undermine his chances and allow his inevitable fate to catch up with him.

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